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Poetry: K-2nd grade winners

2012 Kindergarten to Second Grade Winners


Colored Flowers

The golden flower glows,

While the roses have the heat of the sun.

The bluebells have the pattern of the sea,

While the trees grow above nature’s green grass floors.

Evan Cherry
First Place
Pontchartrain Elementary, Mandeville, LA
Teacher: Becky Simonson

Mom, I Love You the Bluest

Mom, I love you like the color of the sky,

The shimmer of the ocean,

The color of our cat’s eyes,

My old blue jeans,

I love you with the most strengthened emotion.

Matthew Gary
Second Place
Jefferson Island Road Elementary, New Iberia, LA
Teacher: Margaret Simon

Sweet Mother

I love my sweet mother because
She blesses me with her love.
In silence, she prays for my safety,
My happiness,
And my health.
She wraps her soft, warm hands around me
For hugs and kisses.

I love my dear mother.

Mason Osborn
Third Place
Woodvale Elementary, Lafayette, LA
Teacher: Charla Mercier