Writing Workshop with Margaret Wrinkle

Margaret Wrinkle

Margaret Wrinkle

On April 2nd, Margaret Wrinkle will present a short talk about her book, Wash, along with a writing workshop for writers in Acadiana at 2:00 PM at the Cecil J. Picard Center, 200 E. Devalcourt St., Lafayette, Louisiana.

I have a feeling that Margaret Wrinkle’s writing style will translate into a deep soulful writing workshop.  Please make plans to attend.



“In this luminous and spirited debut, Margaret Wrinkle takes us on an unforgettable journey across continents and through time, from the burgeoning American South back to West Africa and deep into ancestral stories that reside in the soul.”

“Questioning all differences of blood and belief, erasing even the line between living and the dead, Wash sheds new light on our current racial landscape.”

Artist Statement:

“I was compelled to do this work as a way of reckoning with my own legacy of having slaveholding ancestors, and I have been guided throughout by Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream that descendants of former slaves and former slave owners might one day be able to gather at a table of brotherhood.  It is my belief, after growing up in Birmingham and working toward racial reconciliation for years, that many of our current racial dilemmas can be traced back to the patterns laid down during hundreds of years of slavery, and that the only way to free ourselves from the effects of our shared past is to explore it with honesty and compassion.” Margaret Wrinkle

Margaret Wrinkle is a writer, filmmaker, educator, and visual artist.  Her award-winning documentary broken \ ground (about a racial divide in her hometown of Birmingham, AL) was featured on NPR’s Morning Edition and was a winner of the Council on Foundations Film Festival.




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